Worn Through Turns 1!


Today is Worn Through‘s first birthday!!!

I had wanted to start a fashion/dress related blog for a while, and finally a year ago I got it together and did it. Over the years I had become an active blog reader, with my Bloglines account and my endless bookmarks taking up a good portion of each morning and/or evening as I check out the latest news on an array of subjects from the tabloids to the war and everything in between.

Of those blogs there were, and still are, a selection of fashion blogs I think are smart, ahead of the curve, well designed, and/or simply fun to check out. But, there was a gap in material covering dress and culture, and specifically the academic/museum/researcher/writer end of things, and I was having trouble finding one spot to look for particularly aimed at my interests. There were a few which would come and go, or post very, very rarely, but nothing consistent.

Hence, Worn Through was born, and has been a labor of love all year. Readership has gone up, down, and now back up higher than ever (yeah!), and it’s gone from just me, to the inclusion of contributors such as Heather and those who regularily feed me ideas via personal emails (keep them coming).

At times it has seemed fruitless, when full time school was its most busy, and I was working at my job on top of that, and doing multiple extracurricular endeavors on top of that(!), not to mention trying to maintain a normal social and family life. But, readership has continued to grow, and now whenever I go to a academic conference, fashion function, or various events people always want to talk about Worn Thorugh, which has not only warmed my heart, but also made me realize that this is a valuable forum and centralized location for people into dress and culture to have solid and reliable information on a regular basis.

While I still plan on working with the avenues of magazines, books, journals, and museum exhibits, I have developed a real faith in blogs as a legitimate and viable way to communicate with a wide-reaching audience, which truthfully journals and the like cannot always attest to, as they are burdened by their limitations of time, space, and accesbility. One of my goals with WT is to break through what I consider to be academic (and related) elitism, and to provide a site for intelligent discussions on dress in a way that invites anyone to partipate. I also wish to continue diversifying the content, as much as possible within the theme, to keep it interesting, and to appeal to as many people within dress and culture as possible, since the field ranges from retail to textile science to history to feminism to subcultures to museum studies to global experiences to a million more topics!

So with that I hope to have another year of growth for WT, and I promise to continue to publish the things you look for such as exhibit reports, job opportunies, and book reviews, and also further develop ideas which promote vibrant conversations. In the next year you can probably look for addtional contributors added to the WT team, and I invite you to actively participate in creating WT‘s content by writing comments and emailing me with your ideas.

So if I do say so myself…Happy 1st Birthday to Worn Through and thank you readers for continuing to make this a fun and worthwhile endeavor.


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