Tattoos in the Workplace


Well as some of you know I am actively working on multiple projects regarding punk and subcultural appearance, one of which is my dissertation on punk appearance in the workplace. Recently I was interviewed by a journalist named Michelle Goodman putting together an article for about tattoos in the workplace. Unfortunately my commentary got cut (oh well) but, I thought I’d pass along the article for you to check out.

The article references the fun site Inked Inc that I’ve liked for a while, featuring well done photography of people in their dress for employment and in dress that showcases their tattoos. The above picture is from that site.

If you want to read something academic, one thing you can check out is the special topics issue of the journal Body and Society from 1999 which was all about body modification.

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  • star tattoos June 09, 2009 08.52 am

    at the work place i think having a lot of tattoo can be one serious issue..
    nice post, thx for sharing it..

  • olivia p January 04, 2011 07.55 pm

    hi im olivia and im am doin a project about tattoos in the work place and i love to know more!!


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