The NY Times did a lengthy obit on Yves Saint Laurent who passed away Sunday. He was a great force in fashion. In a way it seems there are very few big identities left in fashion, and that few in the the current crop of designers grab people and resonate with them for long periods of time. I have a real soft spot for Marc Jacobs, and have stuck with him and his designs regardless of low points aesthetically (overdid the 80s thing) and tabloid gossip. But it’s hard to predict the real lasting power in the long run of Jacobs or Galliano or any of the current designers, especially in the age of silk screened t-shirts and the musician/mass-market designer tag.

Back to YSL–A lot of people have enjoyed the book The Beautiful Fall which is about YSL and Lagerfeld in the excessive 70s-although I haven’t read it.


I did try to watch the documentary Yves Saint Laurent – His Life and Times/5 Avenue Marceau 75116 Paris although in all truth I found it terribly dry even though I am a huge documentary fan.

I think the best thing I can do to honor him is showcase some of his designs, so below are a selection of images from throughout his career. My favorite pieces without a doubt are the Mondrian pieces from the 60s, although I’ve really enjoyed the Rive Gauche collections over the past few years.







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