June Book Reviews Part II.


The Power of the Zoot: Youth Culture and Resistance during World War II by Luis Alvarez (Hardcover – Jun 2, 2008)

Based on his dissertation, The Power of the Zoot by Luis Alvarez is already garnering positive reviews and references within the academic community. The online magazine, The Morning News notes that the book:

“Diligently charts a culture’s exemplar, the zoot suit, and connects it to modern fashion and music . . . . It is a compelling window into the U.S. in the war years as seen from a much different point of view.”

The book examines Zoot suit culture in all aspects, (around the 1920s through the 1940s) including examinations of pop music, fashion, dance, speech patterns, gender, race, and youth culture. Full Disclosure: I work for UC Press, the publisher of Power of the Zoot.


Fashion as Photograph: Viewing and Reviewing Images of Fashion Edited by Eugenie Shinkle (Paperback – Jun 10, 2008)

Released just last week, this offers a selection of essays which look at the importance of fashion photography in popular culture, a topic not often covered from a theoretical standpoint. Edited by Eugénie Shinkle, a professor at the University of Westminster in London), she is also a photographer and lectures on photographic theory. Contributors from the UK, North America, Australia and Europe examine both the production and consumption of fashion photography within the context of key contemporary issues. (A full table of contents with contributors and chapter titles is available here).

For more fashion focused books (academic and museum related), visit The Good Reads Fashion Historian Resource Group.

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