Networking: LinkedIn, HauteNet & GoodReads

We all know about social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace ( and its fashion specific page: MySpace Fashion), but are you aware that there are now a plethora of professional networking sites to help you with your career goals ?

Here are three sites to help expand your networks, and therefore your career and research potential:

linkedin_logo.jpgLinkedIn is a good, general place to maintain an online resume, look for jobs, connect to others in your field, etc. It’s also one of the largest and most widely used.

profile_thumbnail_sm_final.jpgA new networking site geared specifically to the fashion industry is HauteNet. Launched in January 2008 by invitation only, and sponsored in part by FIDM, its appeal is the apparent exclusivity and connections to key personnel in all aspects of the fashion field (including fashion media and journalism). I’m currently testing the reliability of that implied promise.


Finally, and tangentially, there is GoodReads. More than just a networking site, it is a site for avid readers (or in my case, researchers) to look for new books (based on recommendations and reviews from friends, or themed groups). I’ve started a book group on the site specifically for those interested in Fashion History Resources (complete with a discussion group, books to read, etc).

Have you found these or other networks helpful?Until next time,


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  • Heather Vaughan May 29, 2008 10.21 am

    A good number of other book focused networking sites are available in this article from the UK Guardian (including: bookrabbit. LibaryThing, goodreads, bibliophil, booksie, booktribes and shelfari.):

    The rise of the virtual bookshelf
    Enjoy snooping at what other people are reading? Now a host of websites allow readers to explore each other’s shelves online


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