Idol Worship

11-8990.jpg Check out these images of people who try to look like celebrities. Pretty interesting to see them all together, and to see some taking things to a relative extreme. It’d make an interesting research study to look at why some people are simply influenced by media and celebrity, and others want to actually reproduce the images onto themselves with little variation. The line in between is probably really blurry. Might be good to then compare to people who are into retro or other “looks” where they reproduce a time or a concept and it’s all about being flawless. In a recent conversation with a friend we were talking about whether people who are 100% any style are fabulous in their commitment, or shallow in their lack of diversity and at times modernity (when it comes to the retro thing).  The image I’ve got is of Rod Stewart fans, but for some reason more than one of us when seeing this immediately thought Barry Manilow fans. Not sure why… 

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