Gnarls Barkley rips off Lagos Calling


The end of finals and then the holiday weekend have kept me really busy, so I know this is sort of old news which I have been meaning to post and haven’t had a moment…

Not sure how many of you already read about this via Boing Boing or other sites-but I thought I’d point you in the direction of the piece they have written about how the group Gnarls Barkley’s latest video pretty much ripped off the photo shoot Lagos Calling, which is a shoot WT posted about a while back and many of you wrote and spoke of your interest in.

I’m all about the merging and mixing of ideas in fashion, music, and culture in general, but biting people’s ideas is sort of cheap. Also, the photographer clears up any question of whether the images are African people who actually do/did dress this way, or whether it was an artistic piece, and in fact, it is the latter. I had cleared that up with some Internet searching around a while back, and have to say I was a bit disappointed as the notion that the shoot was images being of people in their daily wear, rather than styled, was somewhat intriguing. However, I applaud the photographer and stylist for being imaginative and the shots are totally inspired. I can see where Gnarls would be influenced, but at least hire the same team them rather than just calling them up for ideas and then proceeding without them.

I spent handful of years as a wardrobe stylist for bands, fashion photo shoots, and related projects and I know I would be irate if my idea was stolen like that. I know you’re supposed to be flattered, but really a stylist’s or photographer’s vision could (at times) be seen like words on a written page or notes of a song-it’s a complement sure, but also a form of plagiarism.

Check out the Boing Boing piece for the details.

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