Voltage re-cap

 1st-ave.jpgVoltage Fashion Amplified was this week, which is a phenomenal affair showcasing the lines of many local designers as well as bands dressed by stylists. The production value is extremely high, with video screens presenting bios, DJs filling the air between sets, regular e-mail fanouts with updates leading up to the event, and a variety of other activities during the surrounding week to support the big night and the Twin Cities fashion crowd. Applause to all involved. You can really tell how hard everyone works. My only two somewhat negative comments are first, that it seems like the venue over-sells each year, that or its just a tight squeeze which makes viewing the details of the show nearly impossible. Although I have found this to be true of other events I’ve been to at the venue so it might not reflect on Voltage.  Second, this year’s content was inferior to last year. That’s no reflection on the quality of the show’s production, and really the content was OK and certainly entertaining, but the designs were leaning toward costume-like historical (as compared to just being inspired by history) or, toward ready-to-wear so ready that they were a tad drab on a runway, when you expect a little pizzaz. Similarly, the bands were either way over-the-top or sort of boring. Last year was a wow-fest all the way through. Nonetheless, Voltage is a fabulous event that really is spot-on capturing the interest of fashion and music fans and garnering attention for the hard working artists and event producers involved. Having been involved in many shows of this nature on various scales over the years, I can say GOOD JOB! A few pictures are below. Looks like both me individually, and the musuem I wor at might get involved next year in some way.     christina.jpg   flag.jpg hilary.jpg necklace.jpg  runway.jpg 

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