Simon Doonan wrote my book!

51lblxtnd-l_sl500_aa240_.jpgOn my desktop I use those fake post-its, to remind me of thoughts and things I want to eventually take care of. Well for months I’ve had a small running list on one of these post-its, staring at me every day, regarding books I’d like to write after I finish my first one (which is currently in its beginning stages). A wish list I realize, but staring at the my various notes of this nature on a daily basis helps keep me on track and moving forward.

So I wrote myself a note to look into writing a book on fashion eccentrics, and if you’re a reader of this blog, or you know me personally, you know that’s a particularily fav. subject of mine. Isabella Blow, Leigh Bowery, Dean Johnson, Peter Berlin, Jordan and Catwoman (70s punk), and the like. Drag queens, club kids, fashion journalists, Warhol icons, punk rebels, European heiress coutoure experts, etc. etc. People who dress(ed) to the hilt and sometimes past, and feel fabulous about it. I’ve always admired someone who can truly live and dress that way. I’ve taken tremendous influence into my daily life from anyone like that I can find-iconic, local, and anonymous alike. Granted my look has never been quite as extreme, but for sure I’ve incorporated elements of this inspiration into my visual pressence, and soaked a lot more up into my brain.

So, this leads me to an quiet Saturday night, last night, strolling a Barnes and Noble. On the table of hardcover new releases was a bright green and pink eye-catching number that I saw was by Simon Doonan, who wrote Confessions of a Window Dresser: Tales from the Life of Fashion and is New York style fixture (as well as partner to one of my design favs, Jonathan Adler). Anyway, low and behold he wrote my book(!), entitled Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You.

Flipping through I became increasingly disappointed as it looked funny, articulate, and most of all, right on topic! Although, there are a few significant differences between his and how I planned to write on the subject: He selected some different people than I would have to profile (and some the same) and some of his peeps I have to question as there are way more fabulous divas out there. Also, I would have positioning it more in the middle of academic and popular, trying to get to the root of why people push boundaries, and what they mean within society, versus his is popular audience style. In fact, there’s a bit of an in-the-know factor to his book, which almost makes it for a New York/LA popular audience, but fashion mavens and interested parties from anywhere can at easily get into it I assume–as I plan to from right here in the middle of the country.

Finally, his book is a bit of the self-help/inspirational type, which is where his Wacky Chicks: Life Lessons from Fearlessly Inappropriate and Fabulously Eccentric Women book is located in the store (similar concept, but not fashion themed) and I tend to shy away from those in principle, although this one looks more fun than preachy or self important. And truthfully, I am inspired by these unconventional characters. Anyway, props to Simon as I believe the jacket cover said his portion of the proceeds will go to Eve Ensler’s charity V Day, which is cool, and I have to say, I’m glad someone else appreciates the world of unsual fashion icons as much as I do. Although I’m somewhat deflated, I don’t think my idea is comepltely squashed, it just has to change gears in order to suit a different audience or to focus on one theme or person.

Regardless, I plan on picking up the Eccentric Glamour asap and perhaps even making it my book club selection-especially with the charity connection. I’ve really got to get pen to paper faster as the best ideas can slip away if you’re not quick. I’ve got a few journal articles in progress, my dissertation is moving full steam ahead this summer, and a probably a book next year. It always seems like there’s more good ideas than time!

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