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Below you’ll find a CALL FOR PAPERS I am copying for you directly from an email I received. The editor is Marilyn DeLong who is my current academic advisor, professor, and research collaborator on the project on black leather jackets which we just took to PCA/ACA and will take to Costume Society in May and hopefully ITAA in November.


Fashion Practice: The Journal of Design, Creative Process and the Fashion Industry


Edited by Sandy Black, Professor of Fashion Design & Technology, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, UK and Marilyn DeLong, Professor and Associate Dean for Research & Outreach, College of Design, University of Minnesota, US


This is the first peer-reviewed academic journal to cover the full range of contemporary design and manufacture within the context of the fashion industry. Design processes and new technologies fuel the most vibrant areas of fashion practice and commerce today, yet they have been largely ignored by scholarship. Fashion Practice fills this major gap by providing a much-needed forum for topics ranging from design theory to the impact of technology, economics and industry on fashion practice. The journal also covers the cultural ramifications of these issues upon the larger fashion sphere. Interdisciplinary in approach, Fashion Practice will address, broadly, the business of fashion, including some or all of the following topics:


– innovation in fashion design and practice


– sustainability and ethics within the industry


– micro- and nano-technologies within the fashion context


– ‘smart’ textiles and digital fashion


– materials, design, concepts and process


– fashion consumption and production from retail/e-tail to performance fashion


– new developments in fashion and clothing retail


The journal encourages submissions from scholars and practitioners working specifically within fashion / apparel, design and business departments, as well as those working on the creative industries from a broad range of social science perspectives.


Should you have a paper you would like to submit, please email both Sandy Black at and Marilyn DeLong at







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