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 mono080225_2_250.jpgI apologize that my posting pace has been scaled way back lately as it’s mid-semester and I’m swamped, but here are a few links I’ve been wanting to share. I’ll skip the commentary this time in order to just get them posted. Harlo sent me a link from New York magazine about people who wear only one color. This was similar to one of the first Worn Through posts about people who dress in an unusual fashion, such as wearing the same thing or versions of it for decades. For anyone who hasn’t heard, there is a class action lawsuit and settlement for people who purchased diamonds in the past few years. I might qualify so I plan on doing the process, but as you’ll see from the site it’s a tad labor intensive, probably not too much time, but a little effort on the recipients part (of course). Might be worth checking out though.The LA Times recently did pieces on Cali finally getting a Bathing Ape store which I know many people have  griped about-not specifically for LA, but the lack of domestic stores in general.Also, LA Times did a piece on Elmer Ave which is a compound/collective of sorts putting out high end graffiti blazers and the like. While normally I am suspicious of this type of stuff being cheesey, particularily from LA (hello Fred Segal most of the time), I think I’m a supporter of their pretty sharp looking designs. The article describes their stuff as “desconstructed, reworked and hand-painted vintage blazers,” and they’re pretty enticing.

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