Needs Twin Cities Punks For My Research

I’m in my last full coursework semester so things are heating up for my dissertation. For the process of getting dissertation ideas together I am doing a project for one of my classes that is essentially a pilot study. I’m putting together a small focus group to answer questions, discuss, and brainstorm on my topic, and through that conversation I hope to shape the final concepts that will be my core research questions for my dissertation.  I am looking for individuals who self-identify as punk, or at least have at some point, and are college educated with a job/career in any type of work environment not directly tied to the punk subculture (not full-time in a band, working at a venue, record label, record store, etc.). The root of the discussion will be about dress, as I want to talk about how one dresses regarding their “punk” self as compared to their “work” self.  I just need 4-6 participants for one 1-2 hour discussion with me and the rest of the participants. If needed, I may want to do one brief follow-up interview individually.  The focus group will most likely be from 11am-1pm on Mar. 30 or April 6, but the date and time are not finalized yet, although nights and weekends are best for me. We will probably meet at either a UMN campus meeting room, or a coffee shop. The details will be finalized with the participants’ schedules. Interested people should email me by March 24, 2008.

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