Temp tattoos for prom and the oscars

24skin1901.jpgThere’s a trend the NY Times reported about on fashion types getting temporary tattoos on special nights out to match their strapless dresses and the like. Now I know I should be open minded about this, as my tattoos certainly don’t make me the sailor or circus lady they once would have, and they don’t represent some significant rite of passage for my ethnicity or community as with other tattoo origins (unless you consider the act itself of being 20 in NYC and getting a tattoo a rite of passage these days-which you might). Anyway, somehow this trend seems downright silly. Maybe I should look at it more like the whimsical make-up of 60s Swinging London or the brash make up of the Punk 70s, or even going back way further to the beauty spots of diamonds and hearts which signified how you felt about a suitor. But again, I just see it as sort of funny. 

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  • Amazing Raymond The Tattoo Man March 31, 2011 05.12 pm

    I really like this tattoo The colour and dimension are so 3D it look so real
    was this done for a film shoot or film?
    Was it a transfer and then painted in or was the whole art and design drawn up from scratch and if so what inks and equipment did you use

  • Monica Sklar March 31, 2011 05.41 pm

    Perhaps the person who did this tattoo is able to answer. Unfortunately, I don’t know any more info about it.


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