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00023047_the-hives376.jpg We went to see The Hives last night, which as per usual was tremendous. They are spectacular showmen, and Howlin’ Pelle’s stage banter is not to be beat, particular when he discusses how fabulous they look. I must say, they do look impeccable, but I’ll let you know that ten years ago I styled the Detroit band The Porters, who I also managed and did PR for, in what was called the Full Cleveland, which is white belt and shoes. We felt the whites paired with black pants really made the outfit, and it became the signature look for the large soul band. A few bands followed also sporting whites, but it didn’t work as well in emo or pure rock. Not until the Hives have I seen the look so perfected and looking appropriate with the music. I guess I’d say I have to give myself a little pat on the back for being ahead, but really it was a retro look even then which we found in my various costume history books.  Props to the Hives for keeping it alive and for putting on one of the most high energy shows I’ve been to in a while. (Side note on rock show etiquette-If the show is over-sold and there isn’t an inch to move, you must drink and use the bathroom ahead of the band playing. I cannot tell you how many people tried to shuffle about mid-show and were absolute annoyances to the rest of us-c’mon people-have some sense about your surroundings or you’re going to get an elbow).    The top photo is of The Hives circa 2007-8 and the bottom two are of The Porters circa 1998-9  porters-2_0004small.jpg porters-2_0003small.jpg 

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