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I’ve joined a book club of about 15 very cool women in the Twin Cities area. We’ve met three times and it really is fun. I’ve never been in a book club before, and I have no time to read anything but schoolwork, but I really needed to meet some new people and it’s a good group to mingle with. So my book month isn’t for a few yet, but I’d like to pre-read if possible to test out a few. Can anyone suggest anything that is about the design world, the fashion, world, etc. maybe a biography or a period piece, or fiction, doesn’t matter as long as it’s thoughtful. Granted I’m an enormous Devil Wears Prada fan but the club is somewhat more literary than that. And anyway, who hasn’t read that book or seen the movie. I did hear about a Christian Dior/Yves St. Laurent bio that is supposed to be fairly new and saucy. Anyway, I’m open to suggestions. Oh and by the way-ideally it would come on audio as it’s one of the only ways I’ve found time to read anything extracurricular-unless it’s short or an easy skim.

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  • Heather Vaughan February 26, 2008 06.42 pm

    I’ve read that bio – or rather, I’ve been trying to slog through it for the last 6 months. Its a bit dense, but really snarky, and all about the inside of the fashion world in 1970s Paris. A background in French Culture would certainly help. There’s also Classic Chic by Mary Davis (?) or Intimate Affair by Jill Fields, or Veils by Jennifer Heath (all UC Press books by the by).


  • Chrissy February 29, 2008 08.56 pm

    Fashion Babylon – Imogen Edwards-Jones?

  • Mellissa March 27, 2008 01.50 pm

    It’s a bit after the fact of your original post, but a few months ago I read “Queen of Fashion: What Marie Anotinette wore to the French Revolution”, it is an amazing book, so interesting! The author, Caroline Weber is great. I went to hear her lecture at the Cooper Union in New York in October and she is incredibly knowledgable, articulate, and mesmerizing on the subject. I would never have imagined a book so full of historical content could be such a page turner…


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