Drag, Vampires, and Boy George in One Guy!

Tonight I rented the documentary “The Lady in Question is Charles Busch.” I knew he performed and drag and was in the theater but that was about it. Well I was so pleasantly surprised by the entertaining documentary about this fabulous and ahead-of-his-time author and actor. It turns out I was familiar with his work in “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom” and “Die Mommie Die,” among others-which I’ve heard of and knew the drill was hadn’t seen. Also, he wrote the book for the NY version of Taboo, which was the Boy George late 70’s/early 80s musical that Rosie produced. I wanted to see that play beyond belief and didn’t make it to NYC in time as it closed so quick. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is to say that there is some good dress studies material on drag, and on performance, but not nearly enough, and I’d love to read more, or produce more eventually. If anyone knows of pieces that are a must read please send them along my way. Which reminds me-does anyone know the deal with Trini Maxwell of local and national cable TV fame-there’s an interesting drag queen to profile. I think a good dress studies book would be to profile the drag popularity height of the 80s/90s when the mainstream started to catch on and the club scene was booming. I remember being a teen going to Patricia Field in NYC and being hypnotized looking at all the wigs being prepared….

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