No Coast Craft-O-Rama recap

Went to the craft fair No Coast Craft-O-Rama through the thick of a snowstorm only to return with an adorable poodle postcard by someone whose name I didn’t catch, and one brooch. A felt, floral brooch which I love, by a line called named Pink Sparrow. I bought a brooch by her last year of a grrrl skull and crossbones and it was very well constructed and has held up perfect through many wearings. So that’s the good news.

The sort-of bad news is that otherwise we were a little disappointed in the fair this year. There were more vendors than last year, which was cool, and everyone was friendly as a peach, but we had two complaints:

#1.) WAY too much kids stuff. For those of us without a brood, it was a bum out as there were limited other items to buy. Or at least it felt that way. Especially when it came to silk-screened and related printed goods, which only seem to appear on onesies, even though the designs would also be fabulous on adult T’s. No one says don’t make kids clothes, but it sort of felt like I was at hipster Kids R Us. Now I realize those with kids probably had a field day and the stuff was well made, looked great, and was fun to look at. But, there was so much we all (there were three of us who were kid-free) felt a little under-whelmed at the non-kid variety or moreso, over-whlemed at the amount of kid’s stuff.

#2.) A lot of the same stuff as last year and other craft fairs we’ve been to locally and elsewhere. I TOTALLY realize how time consuming it is to make things, and I TOTALLY realize people have a signature style or item. But that’s why I give props to Pink Sparrow and the few others who did things within their style, but NEW things. Therefore, we bought four pieces from her, and virtually nothing from anyone else (although my girlfriend did pick up a few more things than Harlo and I did). I love catching some of the same pieces as last year in case I wanted it and skipped it before. But, when it’s the exact same show after show it’s hard to be a repeat customer, and it seems a little uninspired.

So, that’s my rant. We all know I’m a big lover of modern craft, I buy tons of stuff, did a term paper, have been asked to write a book chapter for a pop culture book, etc., etc. But that doesn’t mean I’m without criticism at times. We came there with money in hand and trekked through a snowstorm and basically were mostly happy it was held at a fabulous global food-court style venue because we ate really well the whole time, which was the highlight.

Hoping for a better show next year and still a fan. Just wanted to put my honest thoughts out there.

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