Motorcycle Black Leather Jacket survey

I’m involved in another research project for which I’d love your input. We’re studying the black leather jackets worn by motorcycle riders. The goal is to look at how value is assigned, how the jacket is involved with identity construction, and any functional issues.

It’s a fun project to work on and we’ve already been accepted for long-form presentation at the Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association conference next March in San Fran. At that time we’ll combine this work with previous work we’ve done on the history of black leather jackets in American culture, and the color black itself when used in apparel.

So, if you are a biker who wears a black leather jacket PLEASE participate in our survey, or pass it someone else who might participate. The previous sentance has a link to the survey, and the address is

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  • Scott February 08, 2009 08.30 am

    Well what I want to know is where can I get that jacket !!!???

  • Monica Sklar February 08, 2009 09.08 am

    Unfortunately i can no longer find my notes on that jacket, but I think it might be “Joe Rocket Sonic”–as when I searched again today to look it up for you that is the closest I found.

  • Steve Scoritz February 20, 2009 10.46 am

    Has anyone seen the airbag jackets by Dainese? Incredible.

  • EyesOwnDoubt December 27, 2010 11.25 pm

    Monica is correct, as I own that specific jacket. There are two models; one with textile panels that zip off for ventilation, and the other that is just perforated leather. The one shown is the zip off panel type. It is a great jacket, and highly recommend it. I think and carry it. Cheers all, ride hard.



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