en route to Europe in 08

So we’re planning a trip to Europe for next summer, probably short visit of about a week to ten days. Haven’t totally decided on the destinations, but it’s looking like Barcelona and Rome, with maybe a midway stopping point such as Lyon. So of course, any fashion tips, favorite stores, amazing hotels, can’t miss musems, and the like would be greatly appreciated. I’m starting to get it together soon and would love any fashion and design input to consider.

We’re also going to Vegas just after new years, and San Fran in the spring, so fashion and design related can’t-miss tips for those spots would be good to note as well. I’ve been to both of those places repeatedly, however, I know vibrant cities like those are always changing, and there are always off the beaten path places a visitor like me might not hear about.

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  • Lauren December 09, 2007 07.04 pm

    I’ve heard the Liberace and Nudie Cohn museums in Vegas have good costumes to see, and I think there may be a strip (as in “ing,” not “the”) museum, too…

  • Monica Sklar December 11, 2007 10.00 pm

    Thanx for the tips. I think all of those ideas sound fantastic.


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