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I just loved this NY Times article about one man’s debate over owning a Ramones t-shirt, and how he feels when his young son wants one from Hot Topic. It is a heartfelt account of the authenticity issues surrounding subcultural iconography. Went straight to my heart and I laughed a lot. I think the only time I ever saw the Ramones was at the Michigan State Fair and a guy stood in front of me, practically pressed up against me, who must have been well over 6’5″. I was going to try to get him to move the hell out of the way, but he then proceeded to remove his sweaty t-shirt to reveal an enormous, full back tattoo of a swastika. My teenage self was a little intimidated, and decided to just step aside slowly. Anyway, I guess I earned a t-shirt, but I don’t have one either (like the article’s author). I did also see Joey Ramone in person once hanging outside of Coney Island High when I was crashing in NYC ten years ago. His up close and personal image rocked me a little as he’d really aged at that point, but it was still daunting and I remember everything about him from that night.

In follow-up news, the LA Times has a piece this week about the Ramones look and their influence on fashion.

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  • Emily November 26, 2007 08.56 pm

    Unrelated, but there was a great piece on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday about Jeffrey Banks and plaid and the difference between that and tartan, the creme de la creme of plaids. I personally hate plaid, but maybe I just haven’t found the perfectly congruent and uniform squares that are the right fit for me!

  • fan December 11, 2008 09.11 pm

    Somebody knows where in NY can I buy a Ramones T-Shirt? I mean in a shop, no by internet. Thanks!


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