PCA conference seeking fashion submissions

The Pop Culture/American Culture associations joint national conference will be in San Fran in March ’08, and they are still looking for submissions to the Fashion area. I will most likely be there as something I’m co-authoring on biker clothes has been accepted to the Motorcycle topics area. The due date is Dec 1 and they’re looking for 150 word asbtracts. Should be a good time. If you’re going let me know. You can send your work to: jhh33@drexel.edu

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  • Heather Vaughan November 11, 2007 09.53 am

    I’ll be there – I’m giving a paper on the History of the 1950s Shirtwaist dress in the “Fashion, Appearance, & Consumer Identity” section. It should be a pretty big conference.

  • Monica Sklar November 11, 2007 02.48 pm

    That’s great! As the date gets closer let’s set a time to meet up. Keep in touch.


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