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John Waters was here on Sat. doing his one man show “This Filthy World” as well as sitting for an interview with Minnesota Public Radio. For whatever reason, MPR is significantly better than Detroit’s public radio, and they bring in all sorts of amazing shows like This American Life and Amy Sedaris. Anyway, John Waters isn’t just one of my favorite author/film makers (yes I wrote author first because I have a preference for the books and spoken word over the films), but his movies are a life-long design inspiration for me since my Cry-Baby birthday party in 1990. I am absolutely enthralled with the look of the Dreamland gang, and you could see the same enthusiasm in many of the attendees of the show. Wigs, bouffants, horn-rimmed glasses, and all the trimmings. In fact, Harlo even said to me, “This is the first thing we’ve been to since we moved here where people had retro style.” Meaning, in Detroit, retro is a major thing vs. the crusty, punky, hippy vibe of the Twin Cities. (See previous post on the subject).

Talking about retro meets punky, the band that played to open, close and entertain intermission was The God Damn Doo Wop Band. They are fabulous, and this is the second show we’ve seen by them which was such a treat. Real honest to goodness 50s/60s songwriting and stylin’, with a tat and pierced touch. Sincerely, really polished great songs, and a look that is a lot of fun, although I hoped they would dress up more for the Waters show, as I was looking forward to seeing debutante dresses and instead they had on very nice, but a little bit drab 50s/60s common wear. We picked up their album, which is almost as much fun as the shows, except the horn on the album, which is choking the life-blood out of all the songs with its poor pitch. Somehow though, they are such good songs that doesn’t even really matter.

Anyway, I cannot get over how much I adore everything about the John Waters world. I once asked him at some meet-and-greet about working with him and he referred me to Divine’s long-time hair, make-up, and stylist named Van something. I tried to get in touch, but never heard back. No worries, but of course a girl can dream. Anyway, thought you’d enjoy the two pictures exactly ten years apart. No matter how old you get, it’s good to have people to look up to. (ignore the red-eye in the 2007)

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  • Heather Vaughan November 15, 2007 08.30 am

    This is off topic – but would you be interested in posting a blog on plagarism of my Shirtwaist article by the Financial Times of London? I just discovered it yesterday, but it happened last year. I can get you the FT article, and the link to my article is here: The FT article is “The working woman’s best friend Does the ‘shirtwaist’ restrict or liberate the woman who wears it? Vanessa Friedman examines both sides of the argument” By VANESSA FRIEDMAN.



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