Holiday week and Black Friday

Hi All. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I promise I will return to my more or les daily posting ASAP. I’ve been swamped in homework, and with the holiday this week everything has been quiet on the fashion front and intense on the homework front which combined equals little to post on. I did decide to venture out today for Black Friday and truthfully it was lackluster. Granted, I didn’t make it out until about noon, because the whole notion of the 4am madness is just that. But, Macy’s was the only place that was actually doing full on deals, Everywhere else had a little bit of crap on sale to get you in the door and then nothing on major sale to speak of. There were some shoppers at Target with black t-shirts, which in puffy paint had written, “Black Friday team, we shopped ’til we dropped.” Then it had all the stores they went to listed like tour dates. Now that is dedication. Or stupidity. Not sure.

Also regarding my lack of posting–I do have a lot of coals in the fire with some new and exciting projects I look forward to sharing with you as soon as they are more developed. Basically it sounds like things are really moving in terms of me getting more of my research out there in some fun and productive ways.

Hope you have a fight-free holiday shopping weekend.

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  • Jo Paoletti November 23, 2007 09.22 pm

    Monica, I’m a faithful subscriber to your blog, and a felllow costume nerd. My current project: a stylish, environmentally-friendly dressy outfit for my 25-year-old daughter.

    She’s a recently-married college student; she composts her kitchen trash, uses a push mower and buys local produce. Her like-minded husband is a newly-minted government attorney. They had a pared-down wedding and as green a reception as we could manage. She realizes that her student wardrobe (t-shirts, jeans and hoodies) won’t cut it for the upcoming holiday events, but she’s not about to head to the mall to get a trendy “seasonal” outfit. I offered to pay for — and help her put it together — and experiment in sustainable style. Her requirements:

    recycled/reused/repurposed is preferred to new
    multiple use is preferred to single use
    locally made/fair trade/union made is preferred to unknown working conditions
    renewable fibers preferred to those from petroleum
    comfortable and flattering!

    So here’s my challenge to you or anyone out there:

    Assemble a dressy outfit (men’s or women’s) and either post it to or email it to joATnicewhiteladyDOTnet and we’ll have an online fashion show! Include the source and cost of each item; I’ll reward the top three with $25, $15 and $10 gift certificates to the online vender of your choice!


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