What dress research I’m working on

A few people have asked what I’m working on lately in regard to dress research so I thought I’d briefly fill you in:

Presenting and trying to publish the modern craft study I did last year. I presented it last Friday at school and this week at the MPCA/ACA conference in Kansas City, MO. It was a study of motivations, methods, purpose, and theories driving the modern DIY craft scene.

Two critical reviews-One on appearance management and one on counter-culture. Both of these will go through the literature and trace the deifnition of the terms, the origins of studying these areas, how they have been studied within dress research, the general themes and specific topic areas, and directions for future study.

Two lectures as part of one of my classes-One on appearance management (again) and another on deviance/social groups/labeling/stereotyping

A project studying black leather jackets and ‘weekend warrior’ motorcyclists

A project studying young male professionals and their work dress identities

I’ve got a few other projects in the wings, and one other term paper I need to come up with ASAP. I’ve back burnered the video game/avatar research I started as it wasn’t the right time to move forward but I’d like to come back to that soon.

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