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I am totally amazed (or maybe I shouldn’t be) of how much airtime and print Obama’s lack of a flag pin is getting. And here I am adding to this exhausting issue. For anyone unaware, Barack Obama decided to let go of the ubiquitous U.S. flag lapel pin that politicians and public figures have been wearing since Sept. 11. I could write a term paper on this mess, and perhaps I will address it more later, but for now I’m out the door to a conference (on American Culture and Pop Culture nonetheless).

Anyway, I think the slack he’s getting for A.) deciding he didn’t want to go with the fashion flow and B.) the value people put on the pin and that it has the ability to be a sign of patriotism or protest C.) the fact the pin can been seen as such a political statement that your candidacy could be in question, are all absolutely remarkable, and the whole debate is right up my alley. It is worth further discussion and I hope to get back to it.

I am still trying to figure out some sort of project or paper or documenting from a dress perspective I can do next year when the Republican Convention comes to the Twin Cities, where I live. There are so many hot issues, and the word is the protests will be tremendous. Any ideas for apparel related projects would be greatly welcomed.

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