Duck and cover

(I know this info is about a week old, but I was delayed posting due to insane homework obligations-nonetheless, this is a post I started last week and perhaps some of you didn’t read about this fun designer yet)

I’m equally impressed and laughing hysterically at the ideas of an experimental fashion designer from Japan. She is trying to ease public safety fears by constructing quick change garments which switch from a skirt or a kimono to a pop machine, and a purse which can double as a manhole cover. They’re pretty remarkable concepts and the execution is surprsingly good, as well as really fun. But I cannot take it all that seriously as a crime prevention method.  Social commentary yes, as good as pepper spray or a swift kick to the groin-I don’t know. However, I would love to see a pop machine prancing down Cass Avenue in Detroit with stilettos on.

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