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I’m sort of pleased to see the beehive is back in business, according to SheFinds and tons of other sources. I sported a beehive and similar styles for many years and have since retired the look for a different take a big hair. I must say I have been getting a little misty-eyed seeing the articles and images of cat-eyed liner batting from under a big B-52. Makes me consider growing my hair back out.

The revival is sort of oddly timed, as 80’s seems everywhere as opposed to 60s. Although, the black skinny jeans of last season and plethora or mock turtlenecks and swing dresses this season does seem to evoke an early to mid-sixties feel. Except, the version of the 60s-meets-modern styles lately all has a pregnant look, rather than a swinging London or Mary Quant vibe if you ask me. So, I’m not sure if I like the current take on 60s, but, I am keeping my eyes wide open as it’s such a fav. look of mine and if I can find a decent party dress that screams “backyard tiki bbq” or “Warhol painting party” I’m all about it. I did just return two dresses today of that ilk because Harlo said they looked more like Fembot costumes and less like an homage to an era I didn’t live through but frequently reminisce about.

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