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There’s a whole bunch of costume and textiles jobs out there right now in the museum world. This is somewhat surprising as it has seemed for a while that getting a museum job in this field meant someone had to retire, die, or hate their boss and quite-all of which are not ideal situations. Anyway, you can go to the American Association of Museums website to their job section and many are listed there (including the two at the University of Minnesota’s Goldstein Museum of Design-where I work).

A few of the highlights I haven’t previously mentioned or posted about are:
The Baltimore Museum of Art-Textiles Curatorial Assistant
The Saint Louis Art Museum-Curator of Decorative Arts & Design
The Bead Museum (Phoenix, AZ)-Curator

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  • Gina Sacchetti September 14, 2007 05.09 pm

    Hi Monica,
    First time on your blog. Finding your articles on fashion culture very interesting! Thanks for sharing your expertise. I found your site when I was searching for additional information on the Goldstein Museum’s Resgistrar/Library materials coordinator position. I was extremely excited to see this opening, working with textiles and dec arts. As you say, openings in this field are very rare!!

    Just by coincidence, I did my graduate work (1990) at the UofM Cdes, and was lucky enough to win a graduate assistantship working as Registrarial Asst. in the Goldstein (it was just a Gallery then). Seems I have been searching for something similarly fascinating for the past 15 years! I currently work at a museum in the Duluth/Superior area but am anxious to change.

    Could you possibly spare a minute to enlighten me on the current “culture” at the Cdes/Goldstein and also expand on the Design Materials Library aspect of the job, as you know it? It does sound like a great idea. I would have thought that they would have created one by now? Will it include educational pieces such as the Scalamandre textile sample collection? I remember those as being especially great teaching aids.

    Thanks for your time Monica, and hope to hear from you soon.
    Best Regards, Gina


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