Hoodie madness

For some reason I find it sort of hysterical that the LA Times is declaring it time for the hoodie, as if it’s some sort of new fashion innovation. See the link to the brief story.
I will say a hoodie I found on the floor of a Knights of Columbus hall after a punk festival, back in 1997, is my favorite garment of all time, and that is partially due to the fact it’s previous owner had the genius idea of splitting the side seams and sewing them back, in order to create comfortable vents that let it hang straight, rather than getting that ugly sweatshirt balloon stomach look. However, no matter how much that person’s inginuity improved the cut, I still am having a hard time swallowing the hooded sweatshirt as the epitome of high fashion. No matter how much trendy graffiti imagery is on it. It’s not that they’re not one of the world’s most perfect garments-because they are-it’s more how mundane it is to rework something so ordinary with a few trimmings and call it a landmark in new styling. Some find redoing the average to be a rewarding and practical challenge, hence, the blowing up of premium denim, but that too I sometimes shake my head at, as the cuts and styles do become more flattering, but in the end I’m hard pressed to say any of it is visionary or memorable.

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  • Emily September 17, 2007 06.04 pm

    What do you think about fashion mavens producing accessible clothing options e.g. Isaac Mizrahi and Vera Wang with her Simply Vera line at Kohl’s? Which means I might actually shop at Kohl’s. . . for like the first time in my life. Do they come in plus size? :o)


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