Vanity Fair style issue with Isabella Blow

I was so pleased to open my mailbox and see a giant, inch thick issue of Vanity Fair devoted to style. VF is my fav magazine, and I’m a regular reader of their lengthy interviews and exposes, which actually dedicate serious time to a subject rather than gloss over it. In addition to the style issue, they have a second mag called Fashion Rocks (or something like that), which is about fashion and music. Sure it’s a more than a little commercial, but, again, with strong photography and at least some thought put into their topics it’s better than your average fashion coverage.

To make it even better, I just realized there is a write up on Isabella Blow, who, in an earlier post, I discussed how much I adored and would love to do a documentary about one day. I was lucky enough last year to see the only U.S. showing of the exhibit When Philip Met Isabella, at Cranbrook in Michigan, documenting her relationship with Philip Treacy and featuring stunning photos and of course tons of the fabulous hats. It was beautiful and inspiring. The way she was such an individual, an icon, a muse, a devotee of the arts within fashion and a nurturer of new talent was downright rare.

Anyway, VF has an article about her life and tragic death, and although I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet, I’d highly recommend picking up the whole issue as undoubtedly there’s some good material in there.

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  • Emily August 19, 2007 07.51 am

    I’ve been debating whether or not to subscribe to VF for years, but I can barely get through the periodicals I already have. I might have to wait for retirement, though this article looks divine. If you still lived here, I would totally take your hand-me-downs of VF!


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