The Simpsons on the Runway

Harper’s Bazaar’s August issue has the most fun spread in ages–The Simpsons do high fashion! I’ve been seeing the images floating around the web, but, this link not only has the Simpson’s illustrations, but also the styles they are based on. I’m not sure if the original images are in the magazine, or if the livejournal author put it all together-either way-thanx for the laugh riot. I hear the magazine is overrun with requests for prints, and being that most traditional fashion magazines generally only embrace the most tiresome apsects of culture, it’s no surprise everyone wants a georgous picture of Lisa to call their own. It’s a relief to see something light hearted in the oh-so-serious world of high fashion-and equally-it’s fabulous to see our green dressed gal as jazzed up as she deserves to be!

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