Poodle Prada

Gucci Poochie? Pucci Puppy ? I couldn’t decide which designer name had more punch and I don’t really know what to say about New York’s second annual Pet Fashion Week, except it seemed I had to mention it. As the proud parent to two purebred toy poodles, who have a stockpile of sweaters, organic gourmet treats, and over-priced toys, I can hardly mock this whole affair. Yet somehow I am still a bit astonished that the articles are putting the number at “almost $4 billion in toys, clothes, and dog-sitters.”

There’s got to be a fun-to-research project in there about marketing ploys, psychology, crazed consumerism, and a host of other concepts. I recently read a scholarly paper about motherhood, which indicated that moms judge themselves and each other’s worth on the quality of their children’s dress and overall appearance, forgoing their own purchases to get their children the latest and greatest. So why not our dogs. It only makes sense (to many-possibly, and sometimes embarrassingly, including myself.) There are limits of course, but for now let’s just ignore them and get a kick out of NY Pet Fashion Week.

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