Goth Day at Disney

Annually goths flood into Disneyland, dressed to impress, and embracing their inner child through lots of fantasy and more than a dash of irony. LA Weekly has a fabulous slideshow featuring some of this year’s attendees. It really seems like modern vintage, as compared to Victorian era styles, are dominating a lot of the styles-specifically women going for pin-up appeal. It also seems like the whole cyber punk influence has greatly descreased. Although, I’m sure it’s regional. Having never attended a themed Disney day, I always wonder what the nonthemed patrons are thinking seeing throngs of people dressed up so enthusiastically. Are they thinking they’re all new characters? Does the ticket seller at the gate somehow stumble through explaning the goth look or gay pride looks when these days come along and the average fam of 4 is bewildered? I find the whole thing sort of facinating.

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