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There are some fun fashion related things on the tube that seem worth TIVO’ing to check out.

PBS has Hair World: The Pursuit of Excellence, which in the Twin Cities is airing Tuesday, July 31, 11:00pm and Wednesday, August 1 at 5am. PBS’ site says, “Highlights of the 2006 International HairWorld Championships for hairstylists, in Moscow. Included: footage of preparations by a U.S. team, including stylists Dale Dees and Danny DiLeo, and trainers Ron Hawkins, Andrea Turrisi and Michael Della Penna.” Having watched about half of it last week, and all set to finish it this week I have to say it’s a real insider’s look at something I knew very little about. In Detroit, where I’m from, competitive hair shows were very common and a big deal, but I never went (regrettably). This documentary shows the painstaking time and energy put into the designs and training, which is honestly way more than I could have possibly imagined.

TCM is airing the movie Beau Brummel from 1954 August 1 at 1pm. I’ve never seen it but I have it set to tape as a flick about the most famous male fashion icon seems like a good bet.

Finally, NGC is re-airing their spectacular Taboo series which covers a ton of dress issues and I have watched over and over. Covering topics such as body modification, gender identity, and rites of passage, the series is a virtual dress classroom with stimulating and captivating glimpse into the methods people use to express themselves and their experiences visually. I’ve taped them, but I really should just buy them so I can have good copies for a long time.

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