Super Sneakers

Lately I’ve been checking out articles, blogs, stores, and passersby who are into the limited edition, specialty sneaker market. There are many compelling components of this trend, if you can call it that, since ‘staying power’ is somewhat built into the equation with the collecting priority. It’s emerged of street and pop cultures including a blend of aesthetics from hip hop and Asian influences, among others, with inside-reference knowledge a key to picking the right pair.

I’ve thought about researching this for a term paper, but it’s really more of a master’s or dissertation work as there are so many facets such as individuality vs. adopting brand identities, global and cross cultural fashion development, luxury/collectible product positioning, the apparent male dominance of this fashion arena, and a slew of other concepts. Another challenge in doing thorough research is the geographic diversity of the active participants. But, it would definitely be a fun study to undertake and highly valuable as the old channels for brand and product development are drastically changing.

There are some decent books and blogs out there chronicling the daily changes in the sneaker market-I check out<a href=””> Hype Beast</a> all the time as they have constant updates on the latest multi-colored, revival line, historical referencing kicks. While I’m not a huge sneaker person myself, I couldn’t resist a pair of black, extra eyelet John Varvatos Converse last year, and am now intrigued by the (somewhat over-stylized) Ramones and (Product) Red Converse Chucks coming out this Fall. But, if you don’t want to spend a ton of time and money you can always just watch Entourage and listen to Turtle’s constant quest for the perfect pair.

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