Prada and Anime

Word all over the design-crowd blogosphere is that Ms. High Fashion herself, Miuccia Prada, is designing the costumes for the anime feature Appleseed: Ex Machina. In general I’ve been reading positive comments about this artistic and branding collaboration, and it makes me wonder what are the factors that can sway people toward or away from these linkages.

They’re everywhere these days as mainstream retailers are practically fighting over which designers will lend their name and style to the typically average brands. The increase in these temporary mergers is complex as seemingly hot pairings tank while surprising teams have lines around the block.

Is it an increase in design quality as they bring out the best in one another? Is it affordability as high-end design becomes more accessible? Is it perfect timing as the right up and coming media outlet or design team revives something that has become a bit tired?

What was it about the L.A.M.B. Le Sportsac bags that made a new generation anxious for cheap nylon totes, while the Madonna H&M line didn’t move? And then there are ideas like (Product) Red, cross-branding with practically everyone and everything in an effort to bring attention to social issues. Will we buy anything if it makes us feel “involved?” I’d love to get more info about what is really working to get people excited, and why. Seems like this whole concept is a market/academic researchers field day as they figure out exactly the right blend-but-at times it appears that no advance thought went into the combos as they appear bland, exploitive, or uninspired. Regardless, the Prada/Anime combo is on fire as a fun style explosion.

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