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A few months back as I was preparing to start Worn Through, I did quite a bit of research to see what sort of fashion blogs were out there and whether they appealed to my interests. In my search, I found an article that ranked the top 50 fashion blogs based on unique visitors, how far the site reaches, and links.

Based on this info, along with checking out the various cooperative sites listed on Coutorture, and related group sites, I realized there were so few blogs talking about fashion issues other than celebrities, top trends, runway news, and and the industry. Truthfully I was sort of surprised top find so few fashion blogs talking about academic life, museum happenings, subcultural and countercultural concepts, and general pop or street culture that weren’t ruled by daily celebrity news. Admitedly, I’m a daily celebrity trash blog reader, by the dozens actually, but when it comes to fashion and dress in general there is so much happening outside of that sphere. Hopefully as Worn Through grows I can continue to showcase apparel news and info from all sorts of points of view.

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  • Julie July 21, 2007 07.20 pm

    Actually there are quite a few blogs that focus on fashion from a variety of perspectives it is just that they aren’t the wildly popular stupid celebrity driven blogs (I would take that top 50 list with a grain of salt, their method isn’t so great) but rather are niche blogs for niche audiences and you don’t hear about them in the same way. My personal blog Almost Girl is about the intersection of fashion and academics and it does quite well for itself but it will never have the interest of say a purse blog or a celeb baby fashion blog. CounterfitChic, Blingdom of God, Fashion Theory, and a variety of other blogs keep up a steady dialogue on the headier side of things. And we would love to have more people taking things seriously. I attend the trade shows (woohoo premier vision) the actual shows, market appoints, and everything in between.

  • Chris September 06, 2007 04.47 pm

    Hi, thanks for linking my list. The list is just a ranking using publicly available data, so yes it does tend towards more popular topics. However there are some good niche blogs there like fashion incubator, which is an extremely good blog.

    For more of what you’re looking for I would consider the following blogs:



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