Video Games and Fashion

The NY Times just had a fantastic article about the relationship of video games and fashion. Sometimes it just takes a well conceived piece to inspire a ton of ideas.

Sure we’ve got a ton of video games around the house that include character customization, and yeah I know people who are into MMO’s and making whole worlds of their choosing, but I hadn’t spent too much time evaluating it. Recently I my ears have perked up when I catch pieces Second Life fashion designers who are making more money, and gaining more acclaim than many aspiring FIT grads. It does reinforce the many modern notions regarding the changing landscape of design roots, expectations, and origins. The NY Times article points out all the main concepts about product placement, boys vs. girls lifestyles, marketing, reality vs. fantasy, and a few more ideas, and basically I think I’ve now found my key term paper for next semester to then take to conferences and more if possible. I’ll let you know how things develop but this is going to be an area I will do some research on…drop a line if you have knowledge about it.

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