TSA 2008 Conference

Textile Society of America is planning their ’08 conference for Hawaii-now that’s a conference! A real vacation that you can write off! It’s Sept. 24-27, 2008 with a submission due date also Oct. 1 of this year. I’m especially torn about this one as the modern crafter paper might work here as well, but I’m not a TSA member anymore as (obviously) they are more focused on textiles than dress specifically and that would be really expensive. But, as I’ll probably write more about another time, I travel every summer with a friend slowly covering all 50 states and we are yet to do Hawaii with only 4 to go after ’07 so it would be a double whammy sort of thing. Doubt it though as my friend works in the public school system and getting of mid-Sept. seems a little unrealistic.

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