Tattoo Removal in NY Times

The NY Times featured a recent article describing the process of tattoo removal and the new innovations to make it more accessible. The talk about how 36% of people age 25-29 have at least one tattoo, but 17% of all tattooed Americans have regret about it-particularly women. I can’t say I’m surprised about the focus on removal technology and ease, with removal facilities popping up in strip malls and at your friendly doctor’s office. Part of me wonders if the getting rid of tattoos validates the fact it was a trend gone wild, or the idea that deep down they’re still controversial and deviant even if your kindergarten teacher sports some. At the same time there is an increased frequency of mainstream pieces on the popularity of tattoo removal and how sorry people are to have made a “bad” decision to mark themselves, there are just as many articles about how the workplace is going “alt” and those same tattoos are becoming more socially acceptable. So I wonder which is it in the judging eyes of the mainstream populace? Seems to go both ways-bad college beach town trend of lower back flowers and upper arm tribal marks that cause regret while simultaneously a growing tolerance for neck bluebirds and love/hate knuckles.

Here is the NY Times article

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