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tcritic is a fun blog all about t-shirts. Yeah people say the ironic or funny t-shirt is tired, but not me-I love ’em. There is something so classic about a cool t-shirt, even though paying top dollar for vintage can get absurd. I recently dropped out early of Bauhaus t-shirt eBay auction that got well over $100. Sure it was original, but it seemed a bit much. Anyway, I agree a grown man in a Care Bears shirt and jean jacket is a pretty lame, and whether he’s Mr. Ironic or Mr. Sensitive it just doesn’t work. However, a good niche reference, or funny one-liner goes a long way, and for the usual $20-$30 I think you can get a lot of style mileage out of a well designed t-shirt.

Of course the obvious academic line would be to go on about how if you get the inside joke on my shirt we’ve bonded and it’s nonverbal communication of group identity etc etc…all true, all interesting, but the OZ Scarecrow shirt of the most recent tcritic post is just hilarious, simple as that.

I’ve been really fond of the shirt above for quite a few years now. Seems like a perfect example of what I’m talking about. A brand I don’t mind being associated with, an insider band reference for Ska fans, cute animals, and pink-can’t go wrong with pink.

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  • Emily June 23, 2007 10.44 am

    Stacy and Clinton of “What Not To Wear” would disagree and call it juvenile, but poo on them! I love quirky tees. To me, it’s a classic as much as a white crewneck, you know? And you have some of the most coveted, my dear. I also agree 100 percent that pink is tops!

  • matthew June 25, 2007 04.45 pm

    There’s also the Preshrunk t-shirt blog. It used to be a lot more regular with it’s postings, but it’s dropped off a bit lately. Still, it has featured some fine gems in the past, and I am sure it will do so in the future. In fact, Preshrunk told me about I Heart Guts! t-shirts – cute little designs featuring our internal organs!


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