Well I’m finally starting this blog I’ve been saying I would start for the past two years. I swear my posting rate won’t be as slow.

It seems like in the crowded arena of fashion blogs there still remains a void for news and discussion about social-cultural, academic, historical, and critical thoughts on dress. So you can look here for info on everything from smart textiles to museum exhibits to global trends to scholarships–as long as it’s about apparel.

My name is Monica Sklar and currently I’m in a Ph.D. program about Apparel and Culture and have my Master’s and Bachelor’s in Design, Textiles, and Merchandising as well. I’ve survived many aspects of the retail world, taught a handful of university classes, worked at museums in varied capacities, wrote fashion articles for the local hipster paper, and wardrobe styled rock stars, comedians, mannequins, and grandmas, among others.

But that is enough about me….let’s see what’s up in the world of fashion…

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