Diaz Handbag Blunder

Cameron Diaz is the latest celebrity, brand, or retailer to get a ton of bad press based on ignorant fashion choices. If you haven’t seen the surprising amount of coverage this is getting, the short story is: She was in Peru carrying a handbag featuring a Maoist slogan that is offensive to Peruvians. She has since apologized after an uproar.

This has happened repeatedly in recent years with examples such as: Target under fire (if I remember correctly) for using religious iconography that people thought was belittled on ringer T’s in the clearance bin, Gautier’s famous Orthodox Jews fashion show of years back, and the sort of hilarious/sort of tragic complaints from people whose tattoos don’t actually say “love” in Chinese. In the age of fast fashion and endless branding and in-the-know imagery on handbags, t-shirt and then some, it can be hard to keep up with what it appropriate and what is highly offensive. Moreso, it’s very important to try to keep up with what the image you’re putting on really means.

Admittedly I have a great tank top with a Vespa on it that I just had to have, and when the saleswoman told me the Chinese characters over the scooter said “full force” I was sold. But truthfully they could say “poser” or “drug addict” and I wouldn’t even know-hell-I don’t even know if it’s actually Chinese-and I pride myself on my full time career studying dress.

Anyway Diaz’s ridiculous and preventable mistake is sort of a throwaway media tidbit on a slow news day, but, it could be taken as more important as it wakes people up to be more aware of their apparel choices and the true implications/ramifications.

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