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I’ve been checking out Detroit Fashion Pages and so I thought I’d encourage you to give it a look-see. I applaud anyone who is trying to get things done regarding art/design/music/culture in a city where there isn’t the built-in machine to make it happen.

Having spent many years in Metro Detroit, much of which busting my hump trying to accomplish anything and everything I could blending fashion/music/retail/design/art/culture and then some, I can emathize with people who are trying to get something off the ground. I think cities without the infastructure to support such efforts drain people of all their energy as viturally everything is DIY, however, they also create a no rule, nothing to lose attitude which can have amazing and mostly uncompromised results.

Here in Minneapolis I was especialy blown away a few months back by Voltage, which was a fashion/music/video explosion, that although independent, was glossy in all the right places to make it a really smooth and enjoyable evening.

So anyway, check out the Skate Party photos in the You’ve Been Shot section (funny or not funny Detroit reference?!) and you’ll see some fun Motor City flavor.

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